And I’m back in the game!

It’s been a while. 6 months to be exact.

In that time I have celebrated my 25th birthday. Moved. Taken photos for a cook book. Been to 3 weddings (4 if we’re counting the one coming up this weekend). Filmed one of those and photographed the other ones. Got a new job (I start next week!). Cried during an interview. Gone back to Paris. Gone to Croatia. Shaved my legs for the first time in 2 years. Filmed a short film written by 20 6-year olds. And probably a lot more. This was just the high lights.


I guess what I’ve really done is trying to figure out what I want. Have I succeeded? Partially.
I have realised that there are some things I don’t want to do. And I’ve constantly been asking myself if the things I do want are things I want enough. It’s a constant struggle.

Do you remember the goals I set for this year?

One of them was to get my photos published and get paid for them. And well. That is the one point I haven’t failed with. There’s a cook book with my photos in it that went to print last week.

It’s a huge job – but it was definitely worth it. It has forced me to work harder on my work than I ever have before.

I have also taken a bunch of wedding photos, the high-light was definitely going to the wedding of my childhood friend, Lucas, whom I’ve known for 20 years. We’re getting old.

I’m getting the blog back up because I really missed it. And many people I have met have asked me about it. It means a lot to me. So here it is. In its purposeless glory. I will share the photos I’ve taken, the videos I’ve shot and hopefully some wisdom I have gathered in my 25 years.

See you soon, I promise.

Louise Konstantia

Behind The Scenes at Operation Kino


A couple of months back my friend Patrik here texted me asking if I want to start a webTV-series with me, talking about film. I immediately said yes. Without hesitating. I have always been an awful reviewer, but I’m pretty good at talking and I love filming, especially if I don’t have to edit it myself.


These photos are all taken while setting up. Patrik’s girlfriend Evelina who has gotten the honour of acting as our producer/assistant/camera operator snapped these while we were trying to figure out how to make their living room look like a studio. Isn’t it awesome though? There’s a reason we’re not in my flat.

We ended up with a set-up of three cameras: one face on (this one) and then one on each side, focusing on the one of us on the other side. And then we have two large lights in big soft boxes in between the cameras. The lights are quite cumbersome but they sure do the trick!


This far we have talked about the Gothenburg film festival and reviewed The Danish Girl. Our latest video is about Leo DiCaprio and the whole Oscars ordeal. Sadly these are all in Swedish – but hey – isn’t that a great reason to learn a new language?

You can find us on our YouTube channel!


Louise Konstantia


Lazy Saturday

 DSC_4916 DSC_4926

I’ve had a busy week at work. And it has been hard to wake up every morning. But the last couple of days the sun has been out and it’s been up with me every morning. Winters are so tough in this country and I am currently entertaining the thought of just moving to Tenerife. Get a tan and all that that I have never really been able to do.

We had pancakes this morning. Banana and chocolate pancakes. And as my boyfriend were making those pancakes, spoiling me rotten, I walked around the flat taking photos and picking up the mess I leave wherever I go.

  DSC_4935  DSC_4937

Happy Saturday xxx

Louise Konstantia

Winter Wonderland

a spontaneous ice skating adventure

I have moved a lot in the last few years. And I have made a lot of friends. Sadly, I don’t get to see many of them because of the simple fact that we are living in different countries. So when I get to see them, everything is a party.

My friend Lorna, who I met when I worked at Disneyland texted me the other week telling me that she would be in Sweden for a weekend, visiting another friend, Marie, and she asked if I could come down.

I immediately bought a train ticket.


DSC_4852 DSC_4850



Lorna, Marie and I all met about 5 and a half years ago when we worked at Disneyland, Paris. Lorna and Marie shared a room and I just started to tag along because to be honest – they are the best people ever. And being away from them has been tough at times.

It feels good to know that we live in an age where you can just get on a plane or a train for a couple of hours when the longing is too much.

DSC_4856 DSC_4857

DSC_4858 DSC_4861

DSC_4862 DSC_4863

Last time Lorna was here it was summer, so we went swimming in a lake and waved tiny Swedish flags around wearing dresses and were just warm in general. This time, it was freezing cold. And instead of swimming in the lake – we took a walk on it.

For me, a Swede, it has always been normal to walk on frozen lakes, but I have started to understand that this might not be the case for everyone. Let’s just say one of us was very excited.





Marie lives in Lund, a town filled with students at the local university, and the best part about it is that it is only a short train ride away from Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, and quite the metropol. (I use this term loosely, but apparently they have the world’s best falafel).

Anyway, we headed out to the big city to go ice skating! I hadn’t been on a pair of skates for years! Like… probably ten years! (ignoring the fact that I’m old) and I ended up not being a natural.


DSC_4881 DSC_4884

DSC_4885 DSC_4886

It started snowing while we were skating and it was such a lovely moment. Like three Bambi’s trying not to fall over all the tiny children.

I just wanted to share these pictures with you because I have beautiful friends and I love them very much. I also want to inspire you to be spontaneous and just get on that mode of transport to your friends. It will make everything better. Always.

Louise Konstantia

The Products I Swear By

the secret to my flawed appearance

We all have them – the products we wouldn’t go a day without. For some it’s perfume – for others it’s laxative. Personally it’s not really that much – I am extremely cheap and lazy and I don’t really do the whole “staple” thing. But I must admit that over the years there have been a few things that I just can’t live without.

soak and float solid shampoo // Lush


If you met me around 2011 to 2013 you would probably have seen me scratching my scalp with insane rigour about every 18 seconds or so. I have dandruff. But not like the cool Head & Shoulder’s dandruff – I have dandruff that bleeds. Dandruff that cakes up and itches and whenever I scratch it my scalp and hair are filled with pus and blood. Yes. It’s that bad.

For years I tried everything and anything that people told me would help: I went to a doctor and got some crazy shampoo that I was only allowed to use for a certain amount of time or my hair would fall off. I bought some insanely expensive shampoo from my hair dresser and it almost helped. I washed my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar for months and cried myself asleep wishing there would come a day when my hair didn’t look dirty.

That day came when I purchased the Soak and Float Solid Shampoo from Lush. At the time it smelled like a dead sailor. But they have – luckily – changed that and now it mostly smells like flowers.

There is honestly no way I could survive without this little thing. My scalp goes straight back to it’s horrid state if I use “normal” shampoo more than once and it also is the easiest thing to travel with. It lives forever and it makes all my scalp problems go away. It’s as if they never even existed.

fuel for life PERFUME // DIESEL


Super Colour Mascara 04

I used to be allergic to perfume – I still kinda am really but it’s not as much of a problem nowadays because my time in 14 year old girls’ locker rooms are limited these days. I never wore perfume, I still don’t do that often, but when I do – this is the one.

When I was 16 I moved to France for a year and my first week there my host dad took me to the Riviera and the day we went to St Tropez we walked into  the Diesel store and this little bottle just waited for me. It was such a nice scent – so much more badass than all the other ones I had ever smelled. It was fun and mature and dangerous and all that I wanted. So I got it.

It is still, today, my go to smell. I have another one for breezier days, but to be honest – Sweden doesn’t have many of those at the moment.

super colour mascara {brown} // kiko

Super Colour Mascara 04

I am pale. Pale as fuck. Unless you leave me outside in the sun for like 3 months. But most of the time I am just a white mess. And my eyebrows and eyelashes have kinda gone in that same general direction. Now eyebrows I dye. But eyelashes – I did it once and it hurt so much I will never do it again.

So obviously mascara is the answer. And because of my being pale and not wanting to wear too much (if any) makeup, I go with brown mascara. And since it is not the 1980’s it can be hard to find. But when I lived in Paris I found this amazing thing.

Kiko is a really, I mean really, cheap brand but with some pretty neat stuff. I am almost ashamed to say how little this costs, so I won’t. But it is great. Easy to get off – gives just enough colour – and I look less like a corpse. Win, win and win.

speed brow // benefit cosmetics


Don’t you just wish you had Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows? I sure do! Because mine are just silly in comparison! But to give them some boost I use this crazy concoction. It’s like mascara for your brows and they sit perfectly all day.

I don’t wear makeup every day. Hardly any days sadly. But ever since I bought this I can hardly walk out the door without having fixed my brows. It makes such a difference it’s ridiculous. I almost look civil.

hair pins

9374-hairpins[1]Seriously guys. Hair pins is the shit. And I’m not talking about the boring silly flat bobby pins. I am talking the big scary looking ones that you don’t know how to use.

Well here’s how to use them: put you’re hair in wanted position. Enter pin forcefully, turn downwards and twist. Basically do whatever it takes until it stays.

These bad boys are better than elastic hair bands because they don’t screw with your hair as much, they don’t “give” and if you do it right your hair will stay perfect all day. Only problem is it might hurt your brain/scalp a bit. But who cares. It’s worth it.

So there’s that, the little things I have learnt to love and that I probably couldn’t live without. When it comes to beauty products that is. See ya’s!

Louise Konstantia